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im going to marvel studios to steal all the sebstan gag reel footage of catws who’s with me

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this all really funny to me because i thought my dash was gonna be all guardians stuff since it’s released in the usa today but nah let’s all go back to april 2k14

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Just imagine the Avengers going to Ikea, and Thor is the only one who can pronounce the name of anything. 

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"I’m an adult, but not like a real adult"

anyone between the ages of 18 and 25  (via sherlokided)

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The Avengers concept art by Ryan Meinerding

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So this demonstrates that

  • Robert Redford, an actor of 50+ years experience, still fucks up his lines
  • Samuel L. Jackson is either never IN character, or never OUT of character
  • Mackie is the absolute bestest
  • how da fuq do all these guys do all this convincingly surrounded by green screens

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  • 911: What's your emergency?
  • Me: Chris Evans is super giggly and adorable in catws gag reel and it's dangerous to my health
  • 911: Oh my god no one is safe

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the avengers + tumblr text posts (inspired by x)

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